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My name is David Gollasch

As a computer scientist and researcher in the field of Human-Computer Interaction and Human-Robot Interaction I know the challenges of developers and software engineers who want to create new software systems with a maximum user satisfaction. Plus: During my work as HCI teacher and supervisor at one of Germany’s universities of excellence in Dresden, I know what toolset future ICT professionals need to create outstanding user interfaces with optimised usability and high-level accessibility. By means of this course platform I am sharing all of my valuable experiences with you.

My goal is to help developers create software with great user satisfaction by teaching software usability and accessibility.


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Real Education Matters

Thanks to my teaching experience in higher education and online learning, I am able to offer proficient education by means of optimised didactic concepts for onlien learners like you.

Success-Driven Courses

Each course is designed with focus on your personal success. The goal is to teach you one specific new skill in a very efficient way that helps you cope with concrete challenges within your professional life.

Multi-Didactic Formats

Learning a new skill is all about hands-on learning. Hence, we design our courses to offer video lessons, exercises, quizzes and more. So no matter what type of learner you are, you will always find appropriate content.


Learning at your own pace while ensuring you really understand the given material and manage to do the exercises before continuing. That guarantees your personal success!

Flipped Classroom

The courses encourage you to self-organise the knowledge-retrieval process while doing guided hands-on exercises. This not only increases the success rates but also leads to maximum commitment.

Collaborative Tools

Learning by yourself allows you to learn at your individual pace. Nevertheless, getting in contact with other students and teachers increases your motivation and commitment, as well.

Targeted Courses

The ideal way of learning a new skill often depends on your personal and professional background. That is why each course is dedicated to a specific target group.

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